Friday, April 30, 2010

This Little Hen went to Ponte Vedra...

This is the setting for 'Happy Hour Beachside'.  The weather was perfect.  Kimberly's house is WOW!  I met so many wonderful people. The drinks flowed and the jewelry sold!  I have been invited back in a couple of months to bring new stuff!!!!  I have a lot of things simmering as a result of this.  I guess I better get my website up and running.  Yikes.
I just love it here. I stayed until this past Monday!!!!

table shot
Happy customer in Bijoux
More happy customers! Thanks Theresa, Carole and Lana! xo 
This is the lovely hostess next to her glass and wooden stairway !
The last two photos are the foyer and the GUEST ROOM SHOWER!  yes, that is bronzed glass shower moment.  Makes me want to put on one of my 'Wonder Woman' cuffs and save the world!  Please notice the tiny lights built into the ceiling in the foyer.   And don't you love the chain sculpture?  Look closely at the chandelier.  It is more than just an armed one....WOW!
I can't wait for my next trip down!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ribbons and ribbons and ribbons

I had a great time Sunday at Grosgrain Annie's!  Jo Ann and her lovely Mama, Annie, hold court at Lakewood 400 which is north of Atlanta.  Jo Ann hand dyes vintage rayon, velvet, French silk, millinery accroutrements, handmade tags and other textiles and fibers.  She also sells vintage and antique yarn skeins, thread spools and the odd ribbon.   I have bought vintage metal fringes and trims used in my jewelry as well as laces and silks used to make tassles.  Her mama mans the cashier register and makes sure no one leaves without a great big smile due to her very dry and witty humor.  I did not photograph a lot but I have her new
blog address.

The piece above, Crystal Ball,  is using two-tone hand dyed vintage rayon in gray and creamy yellow as bridges from the vintage Indian silver chain, aurora borealis crystals and costume chain with the clasp.

This piece, MINT CHIP, uses an old grungy chain with an Art Deco inspired vintage pin....wonderful green velvet and one secret component.  Can you guess?  First one who can correctly identify the sparkly 'thing' woven among the chain and ribbon wins a piece of bling!   Spread the word.  This ends April 30th!
and then there was the singularly ridiculous "CLOWN AID"

Thanks, Jo Ann and Annie!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


One black French Poodle named Floyd will be wearing this in his mama's wedding on the Amalfi Coast in Italy this summer!  Even canines know lulu redstar is THE BEST in BLING!
And discerning dogs in from Cambridge, MA to Mobile, AL to Bluffton SC, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and Atlanta are sporting them too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scott's Antique Show Last Weekend!

Above, don't you just love that chip-rust-texture of the garden dining set?  And those little flower planters are actually candle holders I repurposed!

Lots of pink china, paint-by-numbers and azaleas I forced prior to the show!

I love the wind gizzy (technical term).  I call it the Jiffy Pop Popcorn Hat.  And yes, I did attempt to wear it around.
This photo below is a bottomless drawer I made into a planter.  Strawberry plant, parsley, basil and euphorbia 'Hip Hop'.  There are little berries on the plant too!
It was a GREAT SHOW!  The buyers were back!  Yay!
Check back tomorrow....wait until you see my latest bling creation!  I am in high gear getting ready for my trunk show down in Ponte Vedra Beach, FLorida....can't wait!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's my Birthday, na na na na na!

So, here are some of my 'gifts'.  Spring has sprung at Greenjeans!

We may not have Bluebonnets but we have Virginia Bluebells and Spanish Bluebells.  Ole Ya'll!

This is my favorite bush.  Stachyurus praecox. Yeah, say that 10 times fast after a cocktail.  As far as I know it doesn't have a common name other than Stachyurus.  I just called it 'the acid yella praecox'.  oookay.

Oh, these fleurs are my one of my new pieces from Spring lulu Collection.  My model, Grace of the Pickled Hens of Ponte Vedra fame, wore it to a soiree over the weekend.  Merci Grace!

This is me on Birthday # 6.  Wearin' a hoodie (pink!) back in the day! Check out the Buster Brown RED shoes!  I cannot stand it!  My mother is the reason I am a style maven!  My grandmother is responsible for those 'weiner' curls..ugh...she used to wrap my hair in white cotton rags! She is the reason I have a therapist! ;)

Speaking of style....the Birthday Suit!
What a Buddha!
Thanks, mom, for having me at age 35, two weeks late, 9 lbs 2 oz, edema so bad your wedding rings had to be cut off, with no epidural...Now that's love!

Thanks for letting share some of my gifts!  xooxox lulu