Tuesday, May 25, 2010

With Honors....

My Adorable Nephew, Angus, graduated with HONORS from Wesleyan University on Sunday.  Although circumstances kept me from seeing him walk I am nonetheless PROUD as a PEACOCK!  The boy studied architecture, drama, philosophy, physics, beer and other important disciplines these last four years!  Time is flying waaaaay too fast! 
You can see what he's up to on the right side of my blog under "BRAGGING BOARD".  He is so excellent.  He is EVEN making noises of going to Austin, Texas for a bit to 'check it out'. Until then he'll be splitting his time in residence in Brooklyn honing his considerable acting skills and in Vermont defending his Park House Croquet Championship, with his Papa, while continuing to whittle down his golf handicap as well as being a gentleman farmer under my sister's careful eye and loving encouragement!  He's such an underachiever...

Here's to you, Fang!  ILY xo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trippin'

I am going to Chicago, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.  Actually, it is over Memorial Day weekend!  This is totally throwing caution to the wind!  Driving up with a fab friend, Jeanne Tardiff of Creekside Ferns Antiques from Roswell GA and other dealers that I do not know!  This show is new for everyone going up, I think.  The Show is outdoors (pray for sun) and two days only.  It's been mentioned on Oprah (I guess that's a good thing) and looks very good.  So, wish me luck as I prepare for a crazy trip just a week away!

If anyone has been to the show or knows more....do tell.  I've never been to Chicago so I KNOW THERE WILL NOT BE ANY ISSUES OF ME CROSSING OVER THE STATE LINE INTO ILLINOIS.  but THERE is that little issue in Tennessee.  oh.l dear.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Inspiration for the moment...

I just love this color...aqua with a touch of robin's egg blue plus the shimmer of rhinestones and aurora borealis beads...and that beautiful ribbon from Grograin Annies.  I love the big Bee pin and how it makes this latest necklace 'pop'. 

Any way, just wanted to share.  What is inspiring you today????

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day........

This is a photo of my Mom, Betty Jane, from the early 70s.  She wasn't a gardener but she could make a mean spaghetti sauce!!! That's our dog Cha-Cha with her. 
This HAM is my maternal grandmother.  OMG.  I see where I come from, partly...She gardened, crocheted and made macaroni encrusted baskets which she spraypainted GOLD! and sold them.  OMG. Her name was Helen Kunegunda Schultheiss Mitrione. 

I cannot upload the photo of my paternal grandmother.  Her name was Ruth Johnson Zinn.  I think I am going to look like her as I age...think Betty White...OMG

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in the world who actually had the guts to get big as a house, suffer edema, varicose veins, LABOR, LABOR PAINS, BIRTHING, changing diapers, laundering diapers, making bottles, breast feeding, going without sleep for days on end and still loving us all through thick and thin. 

Thank you Mom for being so creative and kind, loving and sweet.  I wish we could do things together now that I am making my creative way.  I know you love to look at my jewelry.  I hope somewhere inside of you you understand that I appreciate everything you did for me.  Sometimes I think I am not a very good daughter because I don't see you every day.  But I know when we see each other it makes me happy and you too.  I wish you could come to the antique show each month.  You would love it so much.  I am thankful you were a collector of primitives and found objects waaaay back when it wasn't fashionable.  OMG.  I know where I come from !!!!!
I love you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

And The Winner Is...................

For those who entered my little contest to see what the 'mystery component' in "MINT CHIP" there was a correct answer!
Yes, the sparkly item next to the chain is in fact A PIPE CLEANER (hand dyed by the diva  Jo Ann.  The smarty-smart who guessed it is the lovely Susan Broyles.
BOLO Ms. Susan! It goes in the mail tomorrow!
And Speaking of crafted in the US of A...the Handmade Market at the Paisley Farmhouse was wonderful!  We DID not have weather issues!  The reason...I rented a big-ass 10'x10' tent with big-ass 75lb weights! 
I met so many wonderful people and customers who own my jewelry!! yay.  And people were buying! 
The week ahead is busy busy busy.  I move my stuff into the The Artisans' Emporium Tuesday and then go to the Scott's show Thursday.  Any last minute gift items for Mother's Day can be had! Come and see me either THURSDAY evening at the Emporium for GIRLS NIGHT OUT 6pm-9pm 

whew!  I think I need another vacation...hee hee hee 
ox lulu
p.s.  I am repurposing EAR BOBS...and they are cuuuuuuuute!