Friday, February 11, 2011

Road Trip...Second Chapter...Winners of Mystery Place

Good morning!  I am safely in New York City!  I am happy to report I had NO run-ins with any other car, police system or UFOs.  BUT, I, as I indicated in my last posting, I was going to a lulu-esque Nirvana....
Joint Expeditionary Base-Little Creek
Virginia Beach, VA
Do you get it....BEACH....MEN in UNIFORM???

So, technically no one really got the answer correct, HOWEVER, I am a fair-minded woman ,and two contestants got within spitting distance of my clues:
White Trash York (of course, she ALWAYS wins)
Malissa 'Penthouse Pent-up' Pet (she has a good win record too)
So, I am going to put both names in a hat and draw for a winner. 

Later. ha.

Oh yes, the photo of moi.  One of my oldest and dearest friends from high school, Lt. Carl, is the X.O (not of the SEALS though. Little Creek Base is also home to the US Naval Band.) of the School/HQ.  Basically, the base is home to the Jocks and the Bandies!!!!! 

Don't be all jealous of me quite yet.  He had to nerve to give me a tour AT NIGHT! So, not only was I unable to photograph our fine fighting men in skintight wetsuits(dammit), but also I didn't even get to meet any of them. 
You know what this means...I shall return in a daylight...locked and loaded!

Carl plays a mean trumpet.  He has played since before I knew him.  He toured with the band Phish in 1991.  He's traveled the world and all three children were born on different continents.  His wife Mary is a doll and a half! 
He knows how much I love to play dress up and obliged me with this photo op in his office.  There is nothing like a visit with an old friend to make you laugh so hard your martini comes out of your nose!

OKAY, Trasherella and Mal...I'll get back to you...I promise the earbobs will be worth the wait/weight.
xo, (Not XO)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pit Stop....Charlotte, NC and Adventure Giveaway!

Whew...made it to Charlotte.  No weather law enforcement problem!

Took in the Metrolina Antique Show.  Scored some serious bling! 
and these

and these little gems
I love old metal fringe and luggage tags...

and these adorable 1930s fasteners...

Treasure jackpot! 10' nun's rosary.  French c. 1840

love the skull detail above and below the back side of the cross.  Inlaid wood and lovely metal findings detail
I love when I find another piece of 'Eastern Star' jewelry.  This is a shoe clip!
But the Cherry on my Bling Sundae....
Whew!  I was worn out after all that power shopping!
Luckily, they had room at the Inn...
Life is good!
I am now planning my next pit stop.  Here's a hint:
What is my favorite kind of place?
What is my favorite kind of man?
Leave me your guesses!  If you correctly guess you win a pair of lulu redstar earbobs! Pass it along!
xoxo lulu

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Greetings Blogistan and Bloggers!
Happy February!

I am poised to begin a brand new journey....destination New York City!  I'm taking a sabbatical for 4 weeks. 
I plan on:
  1. going to as many museums* as I can find
  2. seeing as many interesting movies as possible
  3. meeting as many people as I want
  4. sitting in cafes watching the street life
  5. being inspired to create even more exciting jewelry
  6. putting (fingers crossed) lulu redstar into boutiques
  7. eating a pretzel on a sidewalk in Manhattan
  8. ice skating at Rockefeller Center
  9. going to the top of the Empire State Building (again)
  10. reuniting with old friends in the area
  11. laughing with my sister
  12. going to indoor Flea in Brooklyn with my hipster nephew
  13. eating something crazy at a restaurant in Chinatown
  14. going to off-Broadway theater
  15. start living a new and more creative life. 

WHEW!   I am so excited.  I hope to pass along things that inspire, shock, provoke and amuse.  I invite you to come with me.  Let me know what you think. 

'let's get it staaaarted...'
Ready......Set.........Here I go!Wish me luck!
OH AND I AM DRIVING! so I will post from my first destination: Charlotte NC!

*google has created a fabulous new way to 'visit' some of the world's most wonderful museums.  You can even create your own 'art collection'.  check it out here
So, when I go to the Met you can come with me!
xoxox lulu, Road Warrior