Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Scott's Antique Show

Okay. January show we had 'weather'.  Not good.  February show we had 'weather' again.  Really not good.

Thank heavens for other dealers! They are the only ones who were buying.  I swear.  The folks just come to the show and walk around.  It must be entertainment.  No one has money, but they manage to pay $5 to come inside.  Why not just go to the mall.  It's free to enter! Ok. I've vented my spleen.

Two bright spots. 
1.  I DID NOT LOSE THE KEY TO THE VAN!  We like Budget.  They are nice.
2.  I found a friend from Texas who actually lives in Baton Rouge!

MS TINA BORDELON and her new enterprise VINTAGE REVISITED.  yay  Look at the fab photos of her booth and the adorable brooches she makes!  It was not a great inaugural show for her to be at BUT no one did well.  No one.  If they did they sure didn't talk about it.  She'll be back next month.  Enjoy.  ox


  1. A familiar face, I know Tina. Isn't she a sweetie!

  2. It's the weather I tell ya!!! Do you think spring will come this year...maybe by way of IDAHO...ha!!! Crazy girls!!!

  3. I know what you're talking about. We once set up at a show in a mall, they we're calling for a blizzard thank goodness the day before people bought like they would never get to leave the house again....That I'm thankful for, but the next day was really sad!