Friday, February 12, 2010

This Month at Scott's Antique Market

This is for my friends in the Lone Star State! I hope you can see the oil well, longhorn and TEXAS on this adorable little sterling spoon.  Sorry, but my 'purty toofes' ain't for sale!

This is an adorable canning cupboard painted green and gray with some old blue paint showing.  And then all the fun pink/brown French ticking cover and bolster cover. And then there's that fab-o quilt.  Hand stitched 8-10 spi.  So so soft!

And then there's this little green METAL case with coral-pink interior.  And all my doctor/Rx bottles
An 19th century bust amongst mirrors, bling and whatnot!
Dried roses from The Doctor look great in this tarnished teapot! More please!
The odd bits/pieces for sale....
These are a pair of English c.1900s benches from a chapel.  The backs are wide plank and the width of the wood is almost 2".  Wouldn't they be dee-viiiine in a breakfast nook, as a base to an arbor...?  They were attached to walls on both sides in a hidden alcove.  Can YOU STAND IT?

Okay.  More from the really big shooe....tomorrow.  Let's just hope the ice melts before 6:00pm!
oxoxxoxo lulu


  1. I'm thinkin' the green wood brackets are mighty cool looking. Lots of great stuff, Miss lulu. ~Mindy

  2. Yeah, all us Texans are born with a silver spoon in our's either that or our foot!
    P.S. Great stuff, especially the caning piece!

  3. LOVE the teeth! You can always tell when something is really old like your benches just like you said, by how wide the planks are. I have a couple of cupboards like that and they weigh a ton! Great photos, thanks!
    Take care, Sue

  4. Hope you sell a lot and can buy another front tooth :) Seriously, hope you do well! Did you find those teeth in Warrenton?

  5. Ms. T you know I found those pearlies in Warrenton!!! In fact, it was because of a post you did on Donnie at Gone to Texas Show! He and his friend (can't remember her name) had dozens of them in a huge ironstone bowl!!!!!

  6. what the hey? you ain't sharin' your toofes? geesh... LOLOLOL

    Hey, I'm likin' the spoon! AND all of the sparkles, bling and really good junk!!!

    :-D (that's my big toothless grin...)


  7. wow! great pics of fabulous finds! especially love the green metal suitcase with *pink* inside :)