Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's my Birthday, na na na na na!

So, here are some of my 'gifts'.  Spring has sprung at Greenjeans!

We may not have Bluebonnets but we have Virginia Bluebells and Spanish Bluebells.  Ole Ya'll!

This is my favorite bush.  Stachyurus praecox. Yeah, say that 10 times fast after a cocktail.  As far as I know it doesn't have a common name other than Stachyurus.  I just called it 'the acid yella praecox'.  oookay.

Oh, these fleurs are my one of my new pieces from Spring lulu Collection.  My model, Grace of the Pickled Hens of Ponte Vedra fame, wore it to a soiree over the weekend.  Merci Grace!

This is me on Birthday # 6.  Wearin' a hoodie (pink!) back in the day! Check out the Buster Brown RED shoes!  I cannot stand it!  My mother is the reason I am a style maven!  My grandmother is responsible for those 'weiner' curls..ugh...she used to wrap my hair in white cotton rags! She is the reason I have a therapist! ;)

Speaking of style....the Birthday Suit!
What a Buddha!
Thanks, mom, for having me at age 35, two weeks late, 9 lbs 2 oz, edema so bad your wedding rings had to be cut off, with no epidural...Now that's love!

Thanks for letting share some of my gifts!  xooxox lulu


  1. Hey Lulu, Happy Birthday and Happy Spring! You are an April Fools baby? Love your curls in the photo. My gramma used to do that to mine, yours were much prettier. Have a great Day and I know you WILL be celebratin'!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    My sone weighed 9lb 2 oz, but thank God I had an epidural!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. LOVE your garden, one of my favorite things about Spring! Flowers just come back on their own, ones we have forgotten about! And "Happy Birthday" girl, you were a good lookin' little girl!!
    Take care, Sue

  4. Happy Birthday Honey! We missed the prom - I know darn! Missed you too! How can such a big baby be such a small lady?!! Soon...Susan

  5. What a little DOLL you were!!!
    Happy Belated Birthday, hope it was simply fab. :-)

    Have a wonderful Easter!

  6. You musta been a beautiful baby...cause baby look at you now. Sorry I was out of pocket for the big day! If it makes you feel any mother used spoolies on this straight as a board hair of mine!

  7. HapPPY LatE BIrthDAY!! my friend. HOpe you celeBRATED and hAD a GRAnd time, cause you deserved it! Missed you in Texas.

  8. Hey Lulu,
    Great to see you! Love my necklace, can't wait to wear it an be a walkin advertisement. Thanks for catchin our excitement about the wedding. We will be in touch.
    Hugs, Gerri