Friday, April 30, 2010

This Little Hen went to Ponte Vedra...

This is the setting for 'Happy Hour Beachside'.  The weather was perfect.  Kimberly's house is WOW!  I met so many wonderful people. The drinks flowed and the jewelry sold!  I have been invited back in a couple of months to bring new stuff!!!!  I have a lot of things simmering as a result of this.  I guess I better get my website up and running.  Yikes.
I just love it here. I stayed until this past Monday!!!!

table shot
Happy customer in Bijoux
More happy customers! Thanks Theresa, Carole and Lana! xo 
This is the lovely hostess next to her glass and wooden stairway !
The last two photos are the foyer and the GUEST ROOM SHOWER!  yes, that is bronzed glass shower moment.  Makes me want to put on one of my 'Wonder Woman' cuffs and save the world!  Please notice the tiny lights built into the ceiling in the foyer.   And don't you love the chain sculpture?  Look closely at the chandelier.  It is more than just an armed one....WOW!
I can't wait for my next trip down!


  1. Can't believe I won! I'm waiting impatiently for the loot. I'm glad you had a good show and a good time. Your creations are amazing. Soon...Susan

  2. Hey Girl, do you need an assistant? I could so do Vanna White! Hope to see ya soon...let me know if you are doing Scott and I will bring your mirror. Hugs from "The Girl who needs the Beach"

  3. So..................
    when you gonna bring all that sparkley goodness to Texas?!!? Geesh! ALL of that needs to be hangin' 'round my neck!

    What a BEAUTIFUL staircase!!! Sounds to me like it was a wonderful show - and a wonderful party! And the beach... I wanna go!!! LOL

    ;-) robelyn

  4. You had fun in a beautiful place AND made money. I'd say life has been kind. Good for you! ~Mindy