Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Scott's Antique Show Last Weekend!

Above, don't you just love that chip-rust-texture of the garden dining set?  And those little flower planters are actually candle holders I repurposed!

Lots of pink china, paint-by-numbers and azaleas I forced prior to the show!

I love the wind gizzy (technical term).  I call it the Jiffy Pop Popcorn Hat.  And yes, I did attempt to wear it around.
This photo below is a bottomless drawer I made into a planter.  Strawberry plant, parsley, basil and euphorbia 'Hip Hop'.  There are little berries on the plant too!
It was a GREAT SHOW!  The buyers were back!  Yay!
Check back tomorrow....wait until you see my latest bling creation!  I am in high gear getting ready for my trunk show down in Ponte Vedra Beach, FLorida....can't wait!


  1. Looks great.. Hope you had a happy birthday!!!

  2. Great photos and glad you had a good show. This "business" of ours seems to be picking back up. I know my store has been exceptionally busy the past couple of months. No complaints from me though!!

  3. What? You "forced" azaleas? Shame on you! Picking on little plants and "forcing" them! What if I "forced" you to do something...how would that make you feel? Okay, enough from the educator side of me. :) Glad you had a good show! I have a great idea for the wind gizzy (watch out!) thing. I will email you a photo! Where were you yesterday for the Pop Test? Missed you! Never-Ending story tomorrow! Be there or bring a note from your mother. Crap...there I go again! :)