Monday, February 7, 2011

Pit Stop....Charlotte, NC and Adventure Giveaway!

Whew...made it to Charlotte.  No weather law enforcement problem!

Took in the Metrolina Antique Show.  Scored some serious bling! 
and these

and these little gems
I love old metal fringe and luggage tags...

and these adorable 1930s fasteners...

Treasure jackpot! 10' nun's rosary.  French c. 1840

love the skull detail above and below the back side of the cross.  Inlaid wood and lovely metal findings detail
I love when I find another piece of 'Eastern Star' jewelry.  This is a shoe clip!
But the Cherry on my Bling Sundae....
Whew!  I was worn out after all that power shopping!
Luckily, they had room at the Inn...
Life is good!
I am now planning my next pit stop.  Here's a hint:
What is my favorite kind of place?
What is my favorite kind of man?
Leave me your guesses!  If you correctly guess you win a pair of lulu redstar earbobs! Pass it along!
xoxo lulu


  1. Flea Market! Single!

    I have no clue, but it sounds like you are having a blast!!

    Lou Cinda

  2. certainly hit the mother load of treasures! Don't know who you are going to be seeing, but I am sure it will be a blast!!! Have fun...xo..deb

  3. You're going to a Honky Tonk for a Cowboy?

  4. That rosary is 2die4!
    Hmmm...anywhere near water or a bar or both...and a man in (or out of) a uniform...breathing optional!

  5. I like your kind of pit stops! No Howard Johnsons for you! :)

    Your favorite place would be a junker's paradise which is located on the ocean and has a funky bar!

    Your favorite man is a man in (or out) of uniform...especially a FIREMAN!

    Have fun and take pictures!