Friday, January 29, 2010


DUE TO UNFORESEEN AND TOTALLY F&$($#)$)$ ridiculous u-haul company I will NOT BE at the PRIDE OF DIXIE SHOW THIS WEEKEND.  It is such a clusterf#&$ THAT I cannot even really begin to blog about it.  Needless to say I AM GLAD I HAVE MY shotgun app on my iphone. yay. grrrrrr.

Stay tuned for another installment of the Pickled Hens of Ponte's a doosey for sure.
ox lulu-the-loser-antique-dealer-who-hates-uhaul


  1. Oh, man! Sorry to hear about the U people. But, I still want to see all your stuff stacked up so that I can drool over all the great things everyone missed out on! That shotgun capp is coming in handy, isn't it?

    Did you and Lauri break up like Ki and Sue did?


  2. Well DMF, if that don't beat all! I say turn Patsy loose on 'em...that'll show 'em!
    Speaking of Patsy...who gets to go to the PHPV trips...Lulu, Patsy or AHN-DREAH and I want some guest blog posts by other attendees with tall tales about your hijinks!

  3. well I don't know who they broke up but we are no longer 'together'.

  4. And Trash...all three of us go to Ponte Vedra. But Patsy isn't above flapping her gums. Do stay tuned..might learn something this weekend...

  5. If you think about all the money you have spent on UHaul trailers, you could own your own broken down piece of junk! They have gotten so much of my money! Guess now that you can't haul your junk, you can just haul your ass off and do something fun! Or better yet..stay home and write more about your adventures at the beach! I have bourbon...I am ready.

  6. Oh my gosh... I am so sorry and feel your frustration!!! Want me to duct tape the u-haul people to the road in the middle of really busy street? I would do that for you!!!

    ;-) deep breathe... and if that doesn't work I will share my margarita with you...


  7. Thanks, girlies...I have my Manhattan all poured up. I WILL post about this. soon. But I will get back to the beach...the next installment is a whopper. Blondie, Grace and yours truly are up next...

  8. Thank for stopping by and joining the OGTP movement! I just know you are the leggy readhead on your left sidebar...