Sunday, May 2, 2010

And The Winner Is...................

For those who entered my little contest to see what the 'mystery component' in "MINT CHIP" there was a correct answer!
Yes, the sparkly item next to the chain is in fact A PIPE CLEANER (hand dyed by the diva  Jo Ann.  The smarty-smart who guessed it is the lovely Susan Broyles.
BOLO Ms. Susan! It goes in the mail tomorrow!
And Speaking of crafted in the US of A...the Handmade Market at the Paisley Farmhouse was wonderful!  We DID not have weather issues!  The reason...I rented a big-ass 10'x10' tent with big-ass 75lb weights! 
I met so many wonderful people and customers who own my jewelry!! yay.  And people were buying! 
The week ahead is busy busy busy.  I move my stuff into the The Artisans' Emporium Tuesday and then go to the Scott's show Thursday.  Any last minute gift items for Mother's Day can be had! Come and see me either THURSDAY evening at the Emporium for GIRLS NIGHT OUT 6pm-9pm 

whew!  I think I need another vacation...hee hee hee 
ox lulu
p.s.  I am repurposing EAR BOBS...and they are cuuuuuuuute! 

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