Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day........

This is a photo of my Mom, Betty Jane, from the early 70s.  She wasn't a gardener but she could make a mean spaghetti sauce!!! That's our dog Cha-Cha with her. 
This HAM is my maternal grandmother.  OMG.  I see where I come from, partly...She gardened, crocheted and made macaroni encrusted baskets which she spraypainted GOLD! and sold them.  OMG. Her name was Helen Kunegunda Schultheiss Mitrione. 

I cannot upload the photo of my paternal grandmother.  Her name was Ruth Johnson Zinn.  I think I am going to look like her as I age...think Betty White...OMG

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women in the world who actually had the guts to get big as a house, suffer edema, varicose veins, LABOR, LABOR PAINS, BIRTHING, changing diapers, laundering diapers, making bottles, breast feeding, going without sleep for days on end and still loving us all through thick and thin. 

Thank you Mom for being so creative and kind, loving and sweet.  I wish we could do things together now that I am making my creative way.  I know you love to look at my jewelry.  I hope somewhere inside of you you understand that I appreciate everything you did for me.  Sometimes I think I am not a very good daughter because I don't see you every day.  But I know when we see each other it makes me happy and you too.  I wish you could come to the antique show each month.  You would love it so much.  I am thankful you were a collector of primitives and found objects waaaay back when it wasn't fashionable.  OMG.  I know where I come from !!!!!
I love you!


  1. Beautiful post, and thanks for sharing your Mom with all of us! It's not always easy being a mom, but at the end of the day (hopefully) you go to sleep happy knowing those kids of yours make being a mom all worthwhile!
    Take care, Sue

  2. very sweet! what precious female influences in your life! you are definitely blessed!

  3. Now, if you start in on the macaroni art...we know where it came from! Sounds like you definitely inherited some wonderful genes! Sometimes I look at my hands and wonder how in the hell my grandmother's hands got on my body! It never blows my mind if I look at my hands too long! And when I look at Madisyn, my granddaughter, it amazes me how much of me I see in her!

    We are women...hear us roar! So from one strong ass woman to another strong ass woman...Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Lulu, what a great post! Now, we know :) Hope you are having a great Sunday.