Tuesday, May 25, 2010

With Honors....

My Adorable Nephew, Angus, graduated with HONORS from Wesleyan University on Sunday.  Although circumstances kept me from seeing him walk I am nonetheless PROUD as a PEACOCK!  The boy studied architecture, drama, philosophy, physics, beer and other important disciplines these last four years!  Time is flying waaaaay too fast! 
You can see what he's up to on the right side of my blog under "BRAGGING BOARD".  He is so excellent.  He is EVEN making noises of going to Austin, Texas for a bit to 'check it out'. Until then he'll be splitting his time in residence in Brooklyn honing his considerable acting skills and in Vermont defending his Park House Croquet Championship, with his Papa, while continuing to whittle down his golf handicap as well as being a gentleman farmer under my sister's careful eye and loving encouragement!  He's such an underachiever...

Here's to you, Fang!  ILY xo


  1. Lulu, congrats to your nephew! Thanks for your sweet wishes, wish you were closer and we could go junkin together :)

  2. congrats to your sweet nephew! i have no doubt, whatever road he chooses, he will be successful! and tell him i said "austin is a must! but be prepared to not want to leave!"

  3. Well, I got my doctorate....in BEER!

    I know how proud you are of him and he will be a huge sucess throughout his life!! I mean, he does have you for an aunt right?

    Have a great day!

    Lou Cinda ;)

  4. Well you better be proud of him! If Austin works out he should call us. Or better yet, you should come see him and us! Susan

  5. Whoa! Smart kid! Sure he is from your family? :) Congratulations!