Thursday, May 20, 2010

Road Trippin'

I am going to Chicago, nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.  Actually, it is over Memorial Day weekend!  This is totally throwing caution to the wind!  Driving up with a fab friend, Jeanne Tardiff of Creekside Ferns Antiques from Roswell GA and other dealers that I do not know!  This show is new for everyone going up, I think.  The Show is outdoors (pray for sun) and two days only.  It's been mentioned on Oprah (I guess that's a good thing) and looks very good.  So, wish me luck as I prepare for a crazy trip just a week away!

If anyone has been to the show or knows tell.  I've never been to Chicago so I KNOW THERE WILL NOT BE ANY ISSUES OF ME CROSSING OVER THE STATE LINE INTO ILLINOIS.  but THERE is that little issue in Tennessee.  oh.l dear.


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! You're CRAZY!!! You gots to cross the TEXAS state line!!! Bring skeeter repellent though...

    Girl - that looks SO fun! I expect a FULL report!!! Also, will you check out the indie designer show? Hmmmm.... the places I could go (maybe?) and take you with me... unless your not allowed back in Chicago after next week...

    hahaha! behave yourself and have TONS AND TONS of fun!!!

    :-D xoxo

  2. Where did you get that shot of my know now yer gittin' up in my neck o the woods, we're just 2 1/2 hours from Chi-town...have a great time...I'll be watchin' the news!!!

    Doesn't it take like two days to get through Illinois...sorta like Gowgia!!!


  3. Nut, it doesn't take 2 days to drive thru Jawja. Unless you stop at every Stuckey's. I need to brush up on my geography!!!! Didn't realize you were that close to civilization!

  4. Lucky girl, you're going to have a BLAST!

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Hope that show works well for you. Our son Colt just flew in there last night. He's working in Indiana on wind turbans.

  6. Well, it seems like 2 was so strange about the iris, I was shocked to see them, my shack is totally surrounded by the original purple iris and they have all stayed the same color forever, I don't think I planted them there, I never buy iris, I borrow some from old homesteads along my path, so this is truly a mystery to my bird-brain...maybe it was Mulder, after all, he did give me a little green cement package...that lil' alien stork again...heehee...


  7. luck & kisses! sell lots! can't wait to hear about your big adventure! and...yes...i am a jealous wreck!

  8. Well, shoot! Evidently you don't know that every state highway patrol division scans these blogs looking for women with outstanding warrants! Oh, wait, that would be a great blog title...WOMEN WITH WARRANTS! Hmmmm. My brain is working overtime and that is scary!

    Hope you girls have fun in Chicago! Guess you are staying with Oprah, right? I bet that Rod Blogajevich would like to hang out with you too! Oh, the stories you will have to tell! And I want PHOTOS!

    Girlfriend, have fun and throw caution to the wind! Hell, you will have to throw everything to the is Chicago for crying out loud!